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New product spotlight…Tumblers!

Skinny Tumblers are all the rage this year and we have finally had time to take some of our exsisting designs and revamp them into tumblers. Right now we can get the 20oz skinny tumbler with clear vacumm seal top and metal straw without large minimums. Later we will add tumblers with black lid and no straw, but for now this is shown only as a sample.

We will be adding more as we go, but you can always request your favorite design be “tumblerfied” in the contact us. We will move that design up in the que!

Check out the few samples we have so far!

New! Aquatic Fossil Skinny Tumbler!

Also newish… to the product line is our black quilted Hot Pads. We brought those out this summer and they have been very popular. More designs are being added… it’s a slow go as each design has to be re-formatted to fit each product. They are peppered into each design now so keep an eye out. Same goes with the hot pads, if you don’t see one with your favorite design, shoot us a note and we will get it done so you can order.


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