Hello and welcome to Troutwater Designs Wholesale site! If you are looking for retail information, please click on the Retail tab on the menu bar. Wholesale customers read on. If you haven’t done so, please register your business on the Wholesale Registration tab on the menu bar or just click here: https://troutwaterdesigns.com/registration/

Please fill out all the fields so I can verify you as a wholesale buyer.

Once you are approved, via an email from us, then go back to troutwaterdesigns.com and hit the Account/Login tab on the menu bar. Here you will login and then you can see wholesale pricing. The site is live and you can create an order and pay with cc at check out. There is no shipping or delivery calculator yet. So we will add an additional shipping or delivery fee due on delivery or ship day. We will eventually get this worked out in the site but it requires additional software and time to learn and implement it. Hopefully we will get it done in the next few months.

Order forms! We do have a good old fashion low tech option. We have a printable order form on the Menu Bar. Once it’s filled out, you can scan and email or take a phone photo and email. Or call, and we can take your order over the phone!

Branding or Name Drop can be done on most of our designs. Since we are the designer & printer, we can accommodate most requests. We do not charge extra to name drop, we do ask for an order of at least 12 mugs on name drop or branded items that don’t already exist on the website. Call with your requests, we can work most things out!

Time quotes. We usually turn jobs in about 3 weeks, but we will always give you a timeline, and make sure it works for you.

That’s all for now! Happy shopping and know we really appreciate your business! We know you have many choices out there 🙂


~River & Clay~