Welcome to Troutwater Designs wholesale registration! Simply fill out the form below and then check your email! You are now a wholesale subscriber. You will get a confirmation email and from there you can log back in to Troutwaterdesigns.com. Use the green link below or go to ACCOUNT/Login on menu, put in your username and password you selected and you are in! Now you should be able to see wholesale pricing!

We ask for a minimum order of $500.00. *As of July 29, 2022, we have changed our shipping policy, due to confusion with our great customers. We now are charging a flat rate based on your total. Once your order is complete, if your shipping is way over, we will issue you a credit with us. We use weight and an online discount shipping software to get an accurate shipping amount and will give you the lowest price we can. We do not make money on the shipping!

If you live in our 150 mile zone we can arrange delivery and save you on the shipping! Go to the delivery menu https://troutwaterdesigns.com/local-delivery/ , and look up your closest city to get the amount. Sometimes it’s cheaper to ship… we will let you know your best options! If you are local, before completing your order, send us an email and we will see if we can deliver to you. If so, we can send you a coupon to by-pass the shipping and put in a delivery charge instead.