Skeeter Skat All Natural Mosquito Repellent!

Go ahead and GO Outside! Skeeter Skats got you covered!

I don’t know about you… but I HATE Mosquitoes!!! I have ever since I was a kid. I love being outdoors, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking and fly fishing and would do anything to not get bit by those annoying little (insert cuss word of choice here)!!!

I have been making my own Mosquito repellent since 1992 where I was almost completely devoured by giant mosquitoes in Alaska! I learned a few secrets from a park ranger and I have been making and advancing my own ALL Natural formula for my own personal use for years. Last year so many people were borrowing my spray bottles, and raving about my secret sauce… I decided to share it with the world- for a small fee!

I hate chemicals almost as much as “Skeetos” so all natural was important to me! You will find this stuff works AMAZING!  Go ahead and spray it all over your face- where they love to bite you, there are no nasty chemicals, though it will sting your eyes like most things. For best results, apply liberally and often!

Contact us for a free sample if you are a retail store owner. I 100% promise, it works! I need about a  week to fulfill an order of up to 100 bottles.

We offer 4oz clear slim plastic bottles This product is made here in Montana! You can also see Skeeter Skat here: Skeeter Skat website!




Go ahead and GO Outside! Skeeter Skat’s got you covered!
Skeeter Skat also has it’s own website here: Skeeter Skat website!