We offer our photographs printed on Metal! Actually they are printed on Aluminum. It is light, and easy to hang (comes with hardware). The images are infused with the inks at a high temperature for a vibrant, colorful print. They are archival for up to 99 years... at least!

We print everything 16x24 and under ourselves in our Workshop. We do outsource to US based  pro-lab  that we have used for years,  for larger than 16x24 prints, and you will notice a price jump as now we are paying the lab.

These metal prints are so great and the best thing is you can just windex them off when they get dusty. It is advisable to not hang any artwork in direct sun and this goes for these metals too. However there is a new "Outdoor" coated metal print designed to withstand the harsh sun. we will be adding that to the product line here soon!

Borders. I finish all our prints with a border for a finished look. It is like a metal mat for the image. I use colors that I pull from the image so it all matches. Borders also make it easy to offer many sizes.

If you don't want a border, I can print it without, but your size choices will be limited. Send me a note and I will mock up something for you.

Quotes! I love a good quote and have started adding some of my favorites to my photographs. All images with a quote can be done without the quote, I'l be adding a custom option on the dropdown menus, but for now, just send me a note.

You can still frame metal prints, you just don't need the glass!

A video demo of these amazing prints is coming here soon! Check back!